Thursday, April 24, 2014
6:22 PM
People Resources is a global organization devoted solely to improving the lives of the employees we serve, while adding financial value to the companies we serve.  Our comprehensive and innovative approach integrates the delivery of EAP, Work/Life and Wellness services into a unique employee-advocate model recognized for improved outcomes and lower overall employee benefit utilization.

People Resources connects counseling, coaching, dependent care, financial advice, legal assistance, community resources, education, training, clinical assistance and management consultation together in partnership to improve services to all employees served.   We have highly productive relationships with the provider community around the country, because they know that we really care most about the people they serve.  In most cases, our covered employees can arrange an in-person, same-day appointment with our providers while also enjoying unrestricted telephone consultations.

About Us

People Resources is devoted entirely to improving the quality of the life of members.  Be your own advocate and connect into the high quality network of counselors, coaches, community resources and other professional assistance we have brought together to help you become happier and healthier.   Work / Life Tools is the information resource developed specifically to assist you in finding solutions to life's many challenges. Online access is available for an array of information resources such as:
  • Self-assessments
  • Expert articles
  • Reference materials
  • Bulletin boards
  • Online databases
  • Provider searches

Simply register as a member, and then begin exploring the wealth of information available to help you improve the quality of your life.